For centuries (some) men have been doing what men do. I’m a man …
Abused women, children, … Usually/always it is about the victims. Unfortunately, they rarely or very little have a ‘cultural’ presence in/on the ‘art scene’. The ‘perpetrators’ even less so. These perpetrators, like their victims, are also universal: across borders, poor/rich, thin/fat, etc…

Despite the massive current press interest in (online) newspapers and magazines, films, series, documentaries, etc., their actions usually (according to some) remain ‘unpunished’, sometimes laughed off and/or repeated on social media. Some are spotted on the justice radar and (sometimes) receive a ‘just’ sentence.

* Inspired by the ‘Hansmade Tail‘ from the M. Atwood series.

Meanwhile beginning 2019: every 2 seconds, evidence in the rotation of an erection … A never ending project … (Mostly Belgian Press, translation to follow…)

Is it ‘art’ : no idea,
but maybe it will get some extra attention…

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